Why You Want WordPress For Your Company Website


WordPress is high on the list of preferred platforms for business websites.

Used by almost 75 million websites, a few years ago Technorati reported that nearly 50% of their top 100 blogs were hosted on WordPress.

Chances are, since you’ve clicked on this article, you're either sceptical about the need to use WordPress, or you want to know why so many business owners choose WordPress over other website hosts.

Well, wait no longer - let's get into it.

WordPress Offers Complete Freedom

Successful sites that resonate with customers need to reflect your brand, your personality and your mission. WordPress offers complete freedom to create a website which is 100% yours - not just in terms of ownership, but in creative expression, style, design and layout. WordPress has thousands of themes and layouts, with many amazing free options amongst those available to purchase. Therefore, regardless of your budget, you can custom create (or have created for you) an exciting website that will embody your business and elicit engagement with your customers.

The freedom given to you with WordPress expands even farther with open source code, which means that the source code for WordPress is open for you to look at, examine and modify however you see fit.

WordPress is Expandable

Your WordPress site can expand into any format, with the addition of widgets, add-ons and numerous other features.

With WordPress, adding a new page is made simple – there’s a menu in the sidebar with a simple button, and editing text is a breeze. If you have basic HTML skills, you can use those to change the font, size, and layout of your text, or you can use an add-on, such as Visual Editor, to make quick front-end changes in a simple, easy-to-pick-up way.

WordPress is able to host sites of up to 10,000 pages! More pages can be added to the site, but 10,000 pages without performance issues is pretty impressive for a website host which you can be used for free.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress features plug-ins which can be used to monitor your site traffic, but analytic platforms such as Google Analytics are also designed to work well with WordPress websites.

Ease of integration, means that you can see how well your SEO is performing at a glance, or for the net nerds like me, you can spend more time deeply analysing and monitoring the performance of your website. 

WordPress features default settings as well as customisable plug-ins so the level and depth of analysis is completely your choice.

WordPress is Easy to Use

It is vital that your company website is easy to navigate for your potential customers and readers, which is where WordPress excels. 

As well as being easy to set up and customise, WordPress sites are easy for viewers to navigate and use. Though this does vary depending on the design of your website, with a little extra thought and by reviewing your site as you build, it is simple to make and easy-to-use website that will not confuse (but rather delight) your customers.

WordPress is Simple to Manage

With so many features designed to ensure that the up-keep of your website is easy and streamlined.

Integrated plug-ins and theme update automatically notifies you about available updates. Automatic back-ups for WordPress are also available, meaning that the content on your website will be kept safe in the event that data is lost. WordPress also automatically notifies you when the latest version of WordPress is available, allowing you to upgrade and update at the push of a button.

WordPress Offers Lots of Support

The support networks for WordPress are endless, specific and easily accessible. From specialist blogs to the engaging community forums, there is an answer available for every question you may have. The chances are high that your query has been both asked and answered before, so a quick search can help you with any issue. Not to mention most every paid for theme offers their own customer service and/or community forum with real time support.

WordPress Offers Flexibility

There are many features within WordPress for embedding and using different types of media. Easily integrate images, videos, playlists and customisable cursors, allowing your website to be exactly how you imagine it, no matter how wild your imagination may be.

WordPress also contains features that allow you to use your site however you want, whether your aim is a family blog, or a content managements system, to a portfolio or shopping website, the customisation features allow you to invite your users to use the website in the most valuable way for your business.

WordPress websites are also easy to design to be mobile responsive. Doing so will enhance your site users experience, increase your customer count and readership immensely. Businesses that ignore the popularity of surfing the web via mobile devices are paying the price of decreased rankings, lost traffic, declining customer base and profits.

WordPress Offers Security

Security features, including additional plug-ins to monitor security risks and password access have made WordPress a popular site for hosting secure websites that house sensitive information. Although there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of your internet security being breached, there are way to reduce that risk. Opting for WordPress site offers the best and most trusted hosting platform for business websites.

Ultimately, it is entirely up to you which hosting site you decide to use for your business website.

At Web Strategists we strongly believe in choosing the best tools in order to ensure a quality job, which means that our web development team only works WordPress as a CMS. Simply because it offers every feature you can think of - and some you haven’t!

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