Strategic PPC: Why Smart Business Owners Bid For Their Brand Terms


If you're managing a Pay-per-Click (PPC) account for your website, you're probably continuously searching for new ways to improve your overall performance. ​

There are many ways to improve the visibility and performance of your ads: continuously optimising ad text, utilising high-performance, relevant keywords, and pausing the keywords that aren't doing the job, are just a few such examples. Depending on your niche, type of business and other factors, these may or may not improve your PPC performance. 

However, there is one method that's been proven to consistently work...


Bidding on branded terms.

This may sound counterintuitive at first. I mean, why would anyone spend extra cash on something that's already bringing in organic traffic?

Well, according to Google's "Search Ads Pause Study", almost 90% of the incoming traffic that would be generated through ads won't be replaced by organic traffic if you stop bidding on your branded terms. 

Want a deeper explanation?

Here's a list of reasons why you should be bidding on your branded terms.

  • You will monopolise the search engine results - we all know that paid ads appear on top of the search results. If you your organic links already appear in the top search results, why wouldn't you want to offer your clients more clicking options? The more opportunities to click, the higher the change that a potential customer will actually click on a link to your website.
  • You can control the text from the ads - organic links don't offer this kind of customisation. With paid ads you're able to fully customise the text of the ads, making them more friendly whilst trying to capture your customer's attention.
  • You'll increase the chances of conversion - people who are searching directly for your branded terms are probably already familiar with your business. These customers already know specifically what they're searching for. So make their lives easier and increase your conversion rate by increasing your visibility.
  • Fend off the competition - if you're not bidding for your branded terms, chances are, your competition is already bidding on them, stealing potential traffic away from your website. If that's the case, every time someone searches for one of your branded terms, ads from other companies will top your organic links.

If you're still uncertain about the reasons I've listed, you should test it yourself. Turn your PPC on/off for a couple of months. Check the insights for conversion rates and sales volume. Note if they go up or down during the time your PPC is on, and also note if your branded terms PPC increases your conversion rates.

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