Establish Your Global Presence with International SEO


If you're planning to launch your business on a global level, you're going to need international SEO.

This special type of SEO will increase the visibility of your business based on the countries your business is targeting and on the languages your website uses for communication.

Think of international SEO like  geotargeting.

With the help of international search engine optimization, you can provide your customers with content that's going to be specifically tailored for their current location. Reading articles in your mother tongue, rather than in a foreign language, is almost always easier.

Additionally, if you're a retailer, you should consider showing every price in the local currency.


Customers are more likely to continue browsing your website if they can easily understand (and justify) your prices. Providing the prices in the customer's local currency removes the need to use a 3rd party currency converter for everything the customer is interested in. Simplifying their experience and increasing your sales.

If you're thinking about expanding on a global level, you need to prepare your website for the global market.

As such, you should invest in different sub-domains for every language that your website is available in.

Amazon is a great example of international SEO.

Most of their domains are available to the global public. However, they have a sub-domain for each major market, offering their website in the local language, local time zone, and, most importantly, providing all of their products in the local currency.

You should also consider investing in local hosting. 

A local IP will offer considerably faster loading times for customers situated in the given area. If you're already providing services for different countries, consider building links to local content. Your aim should be to provide an inclusive experience for your customers which can be achieved by providing local content and resources designed to specifically address that segment of your customer base.

While Google is the world's most used search engine, you should take into consideration that not all major local markets use Google as their primary method of search.

  • Yandex holds more than 60% of the market shares for searches in Russia
  • Baidu holds over 75% of the market shares for searches in China

If you're planning to expand your business into these two markets, you should also consider some extensive research on how the algorithms of these two search engines work. Although Google also holds a part of these local markets as well, you'll want to be as visible as possible in order to increase your return of investment.

international SEO

Here are a few easy steps to guide you through the process of going global.

  • Do your research - And by research, I mean extensive research. In order to maximise your profits and reduce the amount of financial investments needed for a successful launch, you need to understand the local market. That's because each local market functions differently from the next. Each has its own customer base and its own successful keywords. Understanding the potential of each market is crucial before launching your business in another country. If you have a business that's already well established in your area, I'm sure that you also have international customers. Checking your website traffic can provide insights about the potential of several local markets.
  • Target your customers with relevant content - You should already know how to optimise your content for your area. However, as has been said - every local market is different. For a successful start-up you'll want to find keywords that are both competitive and relevant. Although relevant keywords are the key to success, in some markets, the keywords you're accustomed to might not have the same organic search volume. If that's the case, consider creating new content in the native language. Fresh, relevant content that reaches out to your new customers in their native language is not only going to amp up you international street cred, it will undoubtedly increase your customer base, and perhaps most importantly it's also going to increase your website's conversion rates.
  • Optimise - Your website must be properly optimised for the new local market. Relevant content for your customers must also be crawlable and indexable for search engines. In order to avoid any problems that might come with your website's expansion, don't hesitate to use Google's Webmaster service. You'll find a lot of optimisation tips and tricks there, including, but not limited to URL structures, local IPs, country-code top-level domain names (ccTLD) and duplicate content. Addressing each of these problems will considerably increase your visibility in the search results. 

If you follow these three easy steps you'll be successfully launching your business into a new market in no time.

As a final note, I'll show you a quick guide that will help you set a geographical target for your website using the Google Webmaster Tools. Google created these tools in order to aid every website owner into making their website mobile and search friendly. Thanks for that Google!

Setting up your geographical target is fast and easy.

Google offers you the opportunity to set a specific geographical target to your website (i.e a country) or leave the space blank and target customers from around the world. There are advantages and disadvantages regardless of whichever path you choose.

  • If you've ticked the geographical targeting box, you'll be seeing better results from the local searches that you're targeting. However, your website won't have the same visibility in searches that originate from other countries.
  • List If you haven't ticked the targeting box, your website will have a higher global visibility. However, you won't see the same extensive results coming from local searches.

There is of course a third option...

You can tick the box in order to attract local searches through the search results, while creating backlinks that will attract international customers. It's going to take more time than the first two options, but the incoming traffic will eventually increase if you're doing it correctly.

The key is to have a clear understanding of who and where your market is.

Once that is established and you know you need to be accessible world wide, then remember -do your research, create quality relevant content for your ideal customer and fully optimise your site to support your international ambitions. 

Do this and do it consistently, and before you know it you'll be globally known. 

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