Bullet Points for SEO


Google’s algorithm is already well-known in the online industry. It is the key mechanism behind page rankings in the search results. But as much as they know it by its name, users don’t really know exactly how it works. And for a good reason. Google doesn’t want you to be able to bend the rules by specifically targeting certain algorithm factors while writing content for your website.

That being said, the algorithm is not 100% unknown.

Over the years, SEO consultants and other internet enthusiasts have managed to define several of its key settings. Keywords, content length, quality of content, and number of links are just a few of the key aspects that are evaluated when your page is being ranked.

However, there is one setting that’s almost always overlooked by SEO consultants and Internet users: the use of bullet points. If you were to glance over Backlinko’s Google Ranking Factors, you would see that bullet points are mentioned. Although it’s currently only a speculation, bullet points make texts easier to read, thus making content easier to read and digest.

The fair assumption here is that Google ranks pages not only based on content, but also based on how that content is transmitted to the users. A more user-friendly approach is more likely to be ranked higher than others.

Almost always overlooked by SEO consultants and internet users: the power of properly positioned bullet points

What Are Bullet Points?

When thinking of bullet points, think of headings.

Both help you break up your content into smaller chunks of text. However, unlike headings, which require the user to actually read the following chunk of text in order to get a better understanding of the information, bullet points offer short and concise content. This makes it easier for the user to read and assimilate the content that you provide.

How To Properly Structure Your Content With Bullet Points

Now that we've covered their benefits, keep in mind that like everything else you use to improve your SERPs, you shouldn’t use any method in excess.

A whole page that exclusively contains bullet points is going to drive your followers away. You should only use bullet points when you’re trying to communicate something short. This includes, but is not limited to offered services, various benefits, product features, tips, or steps that need to be taken in order to reach a solution. Moreover, if your website already offers content on other pages, linking the bullet points to a more in-depth article is a great solution.

  • Use Bullets As Headlines - The content you write on your bullet points must catch your reader’s eye. Once his attention is focused on the bullet list, he’s more likely to read it through, as long as the information provided is what the reader is looking for.
  • Don’t Exaggerate - Keep your list simple and easy to read. You don’t want to have too many bullets. Limit yourself to a maximum of 5-10, based on the length of the rest of the content. Moreover, try not to use sub-bullets. It only complicates things.
  • Keep the Bullets Symmetric - Consistency is key to writing a good bullet list. All the bullets on your list should be roughly the same length. You’re trying to convey a message through your list, and all items should receive a fairly equal presentation.
  • Use Continuous Grammar - Probably one of the most overlooked aspects of bullet lists is the fact that the grammar in your sentences don’t match that of the bullets. Write all of your bullets using correct grammar and punctuation, based on the initial sentence that led to the list.
  • Don’t Be Afraid To Use Keywords - Adding targeted keywords to your bullet list will generally have a positive impact on both your SERPs and your conversion rate. However, according to a study published by Sellics, it doesn’t matter where you insert them, as long as you do.


Your main objective with bullet points is to improve your user’s experience. You can do so by using short and concise bullet points that contain catchy phrases, relevant keywords, and are written in a symmetric way. However, take note that bullet points will not improve your content if it’s already bad to start with... sorry!

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